Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 NBA Finals

With the NBA Finals here and my beloved Bulls no longer in the playoffs, I am left with a bit of a tough decision, which team do I root for? Do I choose the Heat with the big three, which includes one of the best players in the world, Lebron James, or the veteran Spurs with Tony Parker lighting it up? I have chosen to root for the Spurs for two reasons, we have a common enemy in the Heat and they play the game better.

     Ever since Lebron arrived in Miami I have hated the heat. I didn't like how they were all flashy and also I didn't like the way that they played against the Bulls, I thought that they were dirty and being show-offs. Also, the recent addition of Chris Anderson has really made me not like the Heat. I hate everything about Chris Anderson, the big mohawk, many tattoos, wild behavior on and off the court, and his dirty play. These reasons have driven me to dislike the Heat very much. Meanwhile, although I do not root for the Spurs during the regular season, I respect them. They are a mature team that is not playing for fame, but for wins. You don't ever hear of the Spurs players committing cheap fouls or doing something bad outside of basketball. It is just like how the saying goes "an enemy of my enemy is my friend" in that the enemy of the Heat is my friend.

In my opinion, I believe that the Spurs play the game of basketball better than the Heat. The Heat play the game with more highlight plays and more flash, but the Spurs play good old fashioned basketball better. This is something that I think many NBA fans don't realize. To stop the Heat, you have to stop Lebron, but to stop the Spurs, you have to stop a whole team of solid players and some stars. There is no individual guy on the Spurs that the Heat can target, the Heat have to beat everybody on the Spurs.

In conclusion, I am going to cheer for the Spurs this series because I think they play the game better
 and I don't like the Heat.


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